How many kinds of Container?

Container-typesThere are total about 10 kinds of different container, like normal standard container, high-cube container, flatpack container etc.

The most common used are:

20ft Standard container

40ft Standard container

40ft High-cube container.

What is CIF/CNF?

This term the seller will take charge of shipping and insurance as well. They have to ship the container/goods to your port.
Usually CIF come with a port name. For example your port is Durban then it is called Cif Durban. The seller have to ship goods to Durban port with insurance.

CNF is the same as CIF but without buying insurance.

Usually Anjia Group will suggest customers buy insurance all the time as the insurance is very cheap but important.

What is FOB term?

FOB – Free on Board.

This means the seller will take charge of Everything(Loading, Transportation to port, do customs clearance) before loading on board.

FOB usually come with a local port name. For example when seller said FOB Guangzhou this means, the seller will handle the goods to Guangzhou port.

After the container/goods was loaded on the ship then their responsibility is finished.

Why would I need a professional support in China?

It is possible to buy one product from different quality and price range. Factories that you visit or the products you see will lead you to the right choice. It is a natural need to have a professional support in China just to avoid the difficulties in your day to day operations, product inspections, shipments. It also helps you to save your money and time.

Why can’t Chinese products meet with our quality expectations?

It is not 100% right to say that all Chinese products are low quality. It actually depends on the price range of the product you want to import. But some of the traders still prefer cheap and unqualified production.

How do I apply for a visa to visit China for business purposes?

View guidance provided by the Chinese government on its

visa application process Note that application must be made in person or through an authorized agent. We can offer your invitation letter to help you get the visa.

Is English good enough to communicate with Chinese people?

Language will always be the biggest challenge for you to communicate with Chinese people during your social activities and business meetings. You will understand that most of the common words that can be understandable in other countries don’t exist here. There are not too many local English speaker in China in comparison to their large population.

Is Chinese cuisine a big challenge?

It might be a little bit tough for the first time. There are plenty of Turkish restaurants, Middle Eastern cuisines and other European restaurants here in China. But it would be a good idea for picky people to bring feta cheese, olives and canned and instant food products with them in their first visit to China.

Is it possible for me to have my own production facility in China?

Foreign investor needs to present the requested documents to the authorities in order to have his own production line in China. You shall prepare a report which includes the aims of the facility, sector it’s involved in, venue details, technologic adequacy, etc… You also need to get your establishment applications ready, feasibility report and the other official documents that will be required by the municipalities.