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Benvido ao xace COMERCIO
  • Arranxo Business Trip

    Arranxo Business Trip

    A well-planned business trip allows you to focus on the business portion of the trip without worrying about the travel arrangements.
  • produto sourcing

    produto sourcing

    Sourcing products to catch your market demand from China markets, Canton Fair and professional manufacturers.
  • guía Market & Interpreter

    guía Market & Interpreter

    We can arrange one stuff who speak fluent language of your country and know the local market well to guide you.
  • loxística


    We offer premium shipping and logistics solutions that help you to save more time and money.
  • Warehousing


    Almacenamento seus bens no noso almacén, axudar a mesturar o recipiente.
  • QC&Quality Control

    QC&Quality Control

    A maioría axente de coidado en China e somos rigorosos en cada detalle dos seus bens.

Así por COMERCIO xace

We are the No.1 GuangZhou Sourcing agent, our company provides ONE-STOP Guangzhou Sourcing services for your purchasing in China whether you buy from local suppliers, manufactures & distributors or from the factory directly.
  • Professional Team

    Professional Team

    10+ Years working experience with professional staff help your business go smoothly in China.
  • Low service fee

    Low service fee

    Affordable Commission, Low to 1%;
  • One-stop export service

    One-stop export service

    One-stop shopping of different kinds of goods help you save more time and money.
  • Flexible cooperation

    Flexible cooperation

    Accept Small Quantity, Can Mix lots of Items in One Container.
  • 100% Quality Control

    100% Quality Control

    Most careful agent in China and we are strict on quality control
  • Good Location

    Good Location

    Main office near the canton fair complex, warehouses avaliable in guangzhou, shenzhen, yiwu, and foshan.
  • No hiding fee

    No hiding fee

    Zero-distance Contact With 100,000 Chinese Suppliers, there is no any other hiding fee.
  • High efficiency

    High efficiency

    Some products are in stock, can be delivered within 1 week.

Sobre nós

JAZ TRADE, short for GZ JAZ TRADE CO., LIMITED, is reliable and trustworthy export company in China, it is situated in GUANGZHOU, the most important export city in China.  We have provided the best Chinese export services to more than 30 countries around the world. And established longer and closer working relationships with our clients and suppliers not only provide immediate and reliable services but to continually exceed expectations and goals.


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mercados China

A maioría guía de mercado de China profesional e de confianza.
  • Cosméticos e beleza Productos Mercado

    Cosméticos e beleza Productos Mercado

  • Mercado de coiro

    Mercado de coiro

  • mercado Toy

    mercado Toy

  • mercado de roupa

    mercado de roupa

  • zapatos Mercado

    zapatos Mercado

  • téxtiles Mercado

    téxtiles Mercado

  • Materiais de construción Mercado

    Materiais de construción Mercado

  • mercado Machinery

    mercado Machinery

  • mercado móbil

    mercado móbil

  • Mercado Auto-Pezas

    Mercado Auto-Pezas

  • Produtos de commodities Mercado

    Produtos de commodities Mercado

  • Mercado Produtos electrónicos

    Mercado Produtos electrónicos

  • Market Watch

    Market Watch

  • Mercado de xoias

    Mercado de xoias

  • Hotel Supplies Mercado

    Hotel Supplies Mercado

  • mercado gafas

    mercado gafas

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