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According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sterilization means “the use of physical or chemical procedure to destroy all microbial life.
The objective of sterilization is to completely destroy or remove all microorganisms (including spore-forming and non-spore-forming bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa) that could contaminate a healthcare product (for example, those introduced in the manufacturing process via raw materials, process, equipment, facilities or personnel).

To fight against COVID-19, our company JAZ TRADE has selected some good, high effective sterilization products that can use for export.

1. JAZ01-UV sterilization lamp



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2. JAZ01-sterilization light lamp








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And recently we also exported many hot sale sterilization products like the “sterilization gun” “sterilization box”



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If you want to give you and your family a better life, please contact us to order. We also support the OEM sterilization products.

We have our own sterilization factory with our own designer and developer, we are your best bussiness partner in China.

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Post time: Jul-07-2020