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What's the sourcing agent ?
A sourcing agent is a person or
 company that stands for a buyer to resource commodities, buy items that are out of the buyer's reach. Sourcing agents/companies are usually required in worldwide trade.

In the standard feeling of the term, a sourcing agent is only to source suppliers for his customer. Undoubtedly, the services offered by sourcing agents can include choosing the appropriate distributor, price negotiation, following up production, quality checking,  shipping & logistics.etc.

It's not claimed that sourcing agents/companies are because of supply the complete series of services. The work range depends upon the agreement reached by both sides.

JAZ TRADE- The professional Sourcing agent China
Best sourcing agent from Guangzhou, China. Your eyes in China.
Hi, My name is Jasmine, I’m from Guangzhou, China. I’m the manager of JAZ TRADE, the most professional sourcing agent in Guangzhou, China.
So I’m doing this video to tell you how can JAZTRADE help you improve your business, and how to make your import business easier.
And the first and the most simple work we do is sourcing and shipping.
For example, when you already worked with some suppliers here, o you already selected some goods from the suppliers you have, but you just cannot pay directly to them RMB, also they are from different places, is very difficult for you to buy one by one and ship one by one, then you can just send us the information and we can buy for you all together. And also we can help you to collect all the goods from different suppliers and make them all together then ship them to you.
And if you are importing goods from China for the first time, you don't know where to start. Then, you can just tell us directly about your purchasing needs, o just the goods you need, and all the requirements, we will help you to find the right suppliers and best price goods, and we will guide you to work step by step and make you all clearly.
then we can help you customize the products you need and make your own brand. We will select the right factory to work with o also we can find some different suppliers of the same goods, then give you more options, and we can compare the quality of their goods, factory services then decide who to work with. When you have your decision, we will help you to negotiate the price and arrange the sample before ordering. Also during the production, we will follow the order, make videos for you, check and test before taking the goods.
After finishing the production of the goods, we will do the quality checking and make you the checking report with details, videos, etc. Then we will offer you the shipping solution by the weight and volume of the goods. We can give you different shipping options, like air cargo, international express as DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc, o sea cargo, FCL o LCL depending on the goods needed.
And if you come to Guangzhou, China, we can offer more services for you, like hotel recommendation, airport pickup, translation, market guide, factory visit arrangement, etc.
And Guangzhou is famous for the clothes, fabrics, watches, Jewelry, toys, hotel supplies, beauty products, cosmetics, etc. Also the nearby cities we can also handle, like Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, etc, are all very convenient to visit and check. And there are more goods like electronic products, furniture, and machinery.  
We will help you to better communicate with the local suppliers, negotiate the price with them directly, and make notes for that you can make better decisions one time after visit all.
So the above mentioned are some of the services we can bring to you. If you have some other cooperation proposals and intentions, we can also communicate about that. And thanks for your time, you can contact me by the WhatsApp o WeChat number, and I hope our business can progress and grow together. Thank you.


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