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130th Canton Fair to be held both online and offline

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Author : JasmineZhang
Update time : 2021-10-14 14:35:50
130th Canton Fair to be held both online and offline

As an important trade promotion platform in China, the Canton Fair is know as the barometer of China’s foreign trade performance, this session would be a very special sesseion indeed in the history of the development of the Canton Fair, with the significance of not just a landmark but also a mileston.

The 130th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) will be held between October 15 and November 3 in an online and offline merged format. 16 product categories in 51 sections will be displayed and a rural vitalization zone will be designated both online and onsite to showcase featured products from these areas. The onsite exhibition will be held in 3 phases as usual, with each phase lasting for 4 days. The total exhibition area reaches 1.185 million m2 and the number of standard booths around 60,000. Chinese representatives of overseas organizations and companies, as well as domestic buyers will be invited to attend the Fair. The online website will develop functions suitable for the onsite event and to bring more visitors to attend the physical Fair.

Chu shijia, Director of China Foreign Trade Center, said “this is the first time that the Canton Fair will be themed around the dual-circulation development of domestic and international markets, we will hold 52 cloud-based promotional conferences in 40 countries online, we will mainly invite domestic buyers, foreign companies, and foreign industrial and commercial institutions offline, so as to build upo the two-pronged approach for both the international and domestic markets, and make good use of these two markets,and two resources. “
This Sesseion is based on a new stage of development, fulfills a new development concept, helps build a new development pattern, and takes an important step towards comprehensive integration. It also marks the comprenhensive resumption of work and production for large-scale exhibitions and conferences in China. China has acchived strategic results in coordinationg epidemic prevention and control and securing economic and social development. China has also made new progress. Besides, innovation has become a catchwork at the Canton Fair.
“ 130th canton fair, pioneers intellectual property rights protection, import and export integration, and online and offline integration etc. The model of tha Canton fair is constantly changing, and thus is continually bringing to the Canton fair new vitality. More than 170 new product launches will be held at the 130th canton fair, Chinese companies are expanding deeper and deeper into the international market. More and More chinese companies and brands are going global, getting closer to and are being accepted by people around the world because of the Canton Fair. In turn, they bring a better life to people around the world.” Chu said.
Canton Fair brings China to the world, And at the same time, helps the world learn more about China.In the early days, only buyers from a few countries and regions participated in the fair, Now buyer from more than 220 countries and regions participate in the fair. All of this shows that the magic of the CantonFair comes from the strength of Made in China and the allure of the Chinese market.

During the Canton Fair, as domestic purchasers and purchasing representatives of our customers, JAZ TRADE will broadcast live on our instagram platform and release some real-time Canton fair information. If you want to get more information of Canton Fair for the first time, please pay attention to our social media platform.
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