JAZ TRADE, the best China sourcing agent& buying agent


Q1.What can you do for me?

We offer a one-stop sourcing service from China
√ Source products you need and send a quotation
√ Place orders and follow up the production schedule
√ Check quality when goods are finished
√ Send checking report to you for confirmation
√ Handle exporting procedures
√ Offer to import consultation
√ Manage an assistant when you are in China
√ Other exportation business cooperation

Q2. What are your strengths?
Working experience: All our service members have many experiences working in the sourcing products fields. They know the market quite well and always can find the right suppliers efficiently. In recent years we serve clients coming from all around the world such as Chile, Suiza, India, Romania, America, Brazil, Venezuela, Dubai, Russia, Sudan, South Africa, equatorial guinea, and so on, we win great praises and use as motivation to keep progressive.
Location: our company is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, the most important export province in china, and our office is nearby the canton fair complex. There are so many manufactures for all kinds of products that you need in Guangdong, We have co-operation with most of the factories and we can easier to find the supplier for your product and get the competitive prices, Also it is quite easy for us to find the good suppliers. our company takes around 50 minutes to Baiyun international airport, and 1 hour to Foshan, one hour to Shenzhen, one-hour high-speed train to Hongkong, Surely it is also convenient for you to travel different cities when you come to Guangzhou.
Low service charge: We are looking forward to long-term cooperation. Our original intention is to help small and medium businesses develop, therefore, keeping good quality service, we offer a reasonable service charge as low as 3%.
Third-party cooperation: since we export for years, we are supported by many third parties such as shipping companies(PIL MSC APL OOCL CMA, etc.), trailer companies, express companies, and so on. Compared with those who don’t cooperate with them for a long time, those third-party companies offer us better prices and intimate service. As a result, we can offer a lower delivery charge for you.

Q3. What kind of suppliers does your company contact? All factories?
It depends on the products you require.
If your quantity can reach factories’ MOQ, we surely choose factories as a priority.
If your quantity is less than the factories’ MOQ, we will negotiate with factories to accept your quantity.
If factories can’t reduce, we will contact with some big wholesalers who with good price and quantity.

Q4. Is there any MOQ when placing orders from you?
It depends.
If the factories have enough stocks, we can accept your quantity;
If not enough stocks, factories would ask MOQ for new production.
Sometimes we can also add the orders to factories’ big clients’, they can arrange to produce together. In this situation, a small quantity is acceptable.

Q5. If I buy for my home use, how can I do?
No matter for selling or home use, we care about your demands.
Just moving your fingers to send us an email, we will manage the goods to your country.

Q6. How do you search suppliers for our orders?
Normally we will give preference to those suppliers who cooperate well before cause they are tested to offer good quality and price.
For those products we don’t purchase before, we do as below.
Firstly, we find out the industrial clusters of your products, like toys in Shantou, electronic products in Shenzhen, Christmas products in Yiwu.
Secondly, we search for the right factories or big wholesalers depending on your requirement and quantity.
Thirdly, we ask for quotations and samples for checking. Samples can be delivered to your request(sample fee and express charge is paid by your side)

Q7. What kind of shipment do you offer?
We offer sea shipping which could be suitable for a full container or less than one container load. Air cargo is also available(a good choice for valuable but small volume products).
For the sea shipping we have below 3 terms:
EXW (Ex Works) Your forwarder needs to pick up cargoes in our warehouse and arrange delivery to your assigned place.
FOB (Free on Board) You need to pay the FOB shipping fee, which covers all costs to forward and load cargoes on board.
CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight) You pay for CIF shipping fee, which covers all costs to forward the port of your destination.
Is your price is lower than suppliers’ from Alibaba or Made in China?
It depends on your requirement.
Suppliers in the B2B platforms may be factories, trading companies, second or even third-party middlemen. There are hundreds of prices for the same product and it is very hard to judge who they are by checking their website.
Those clients who purchased from China before may know, there is no lowest but lower price in China. Without taking quality and service into consideration, we can always find a lower price when keep searching. However, as our experience sourcing for our clients, they focus on good cost performance rather than the lowest price.
We keep the promise that quoted price is the same as the suppliers and no other hidden charge. (detailed instructions please check Our Price page). Our price is middle level compared with the B2B platform suppliers’, but we offer you an easier way to buy goods from different suppliers who may be located in different cities. This is what the B2B platform suppliers’ can’t do cause they normally only focus on one field product. For example, those who sell tiles may not know the lighting market well, or those who sell sanitary wares may not know where to find a good supplier for toys. Even they can quote you a price for what they find, normally they still find from Alibaba or Made in China Platforms.

Q8. If I already buy from China, can you help me to export?
After your purchasing by yourself, if you worry about the supplier can’t do as you require, we can be your assistant to push production, check the quality, arrange loading, exportation, customs declaration, and after-sales service.
The service fee is negotiable.

Q9. If the delivery charge is higher than the goods value, how I can do it?
Some customers may face an embarrassing question that the delivery charge is higher than the value of goods. How can you do? Here we offer two suggestions.
Firstly, purchasing more items instead of small quantities. Since our company helps source many kinds of goods, you can ask your friends or others to share the delivery charge if they have a plan to buy things from China.
Secondly, if the quantity is small and you really can’t find someone to share charge with you, we suggest you buy in your domestic market. After all, the domestic price may be less than what you pay for buying from China cause the retailers import big quantities one time.

Q10. Can you give us your service fee structure and working style procedure too?
Our sourcing service is free, and you don’t pay a cent for our services until you place your first order.
We will try our best to source more suppliers for our customers and quote the best price. Customers only need to pay us a certain service fee in the balance payment. The service fee depends on the total order amount, which is 3%-5% of the total product value. For more details, you can check: www.jazexport.com

Q11. What if the price you offered is less competitive than the one I find on Alibaba? Or I want to buy from my supplier but still want to use your service to coordinate between the supplier and me.
There are two different situations for service fees:
1. For the client buying products from his supplier and he communicates with supplier for all production process, we only help check the quality and arrange to ship. If there’s a quality issue, we will help the client negotiate with the supplier. In this case, we charge a 5% fee.
2. We help clients communicate with suppliers for the whole process, like making samples or producing. In this way, we charge a 5%-10% service fee based on product value, regardless of the supplier is found by the client himself or us. We also help check the quality and arrange to ship.
Although the client pays a little bit more service fee in the second service, we can help the client save lots of time in communicating with suppliers. If there are quality issues happen, we help you negotiate with the supplier on behalf of you until the problems are fixed.

Q12. Do you handle sample checking and then send the final product to Amazon? or you are not responsible for checking samples?
Our service includes: finding suppliers and sourcing products from China, and quoting to customers the best prices; negotiating with suppliers for samples, production, and packaging; customizing logo and packaging; quality control; arranging to ship to FBA. (maybe consolidate goods with other customers to the same destination so that shipping fee will be saved).
Samples checking is free. We will ask for samples from suppliers once customers are satisfied with the quotation. Then, we send them to customers for quality checking, and customers decide whether to purchase them in bulk.

Q13. Do you accept payment via PayPal? Is there any other way?
About the payment terms, we accept four payment terms: Paypal (when the amount is under $500 and mostly used for sample payment), Wire Transfer, Western Union, and MoneyGram (when the amount is over $500).

Q14. Will you give the list of suppliers' details to my clients and then they need to choose and contact the suppliers? or you will send the final quote to my clients after you negotiate with the suppliers?
We will try our best to source several different suppliers for 1 item, and select the best 1-2 of them, then send the quotation to customers.
Normally we don’t offer our supplier’s information to customers, as our working pattern is that customers work with us, and we work with our suppliers.
But the main reason is that most of our suppliers don’t directly work with foreign customers as they don’t have English-speaking staff. Our 3%-5% service fee is not only charged to source suppliers, but also for, the most important part, negotiating with suppliers efficiently to save time and money for customers.

Q15. Should the total order value be above $1000, regardless of MOQ?
Minimum $1,000 product value for each item, which means customers need to purchase at least $1000 for 1 item, so the order quantity depends on the unit price (Most of our suppliers are factories, and their MOQ is around this amount.).

Q16. About the payment terms
For the order with a total value below $5000, full payment is made before production.
For the order with a total value of over $5000, 30% deposit and 70% be made before shipping.

If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.