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Bu Yun Tian Di shoes market

Bu Yun Tian Di shoes market

The markets in Guangzhou railway station have reached a landmark status as a must-visit spot for wholesalers and traders. The sheer size and whopping assortment of merchandise will bring any seasoned shoppers to their knees – it’s a place where you shop till you drop.
Global international trade center, also known as Bu Yun Tian Di, is strategically located in the center of Guangzhou railway station within walking distance from Exit F of Guangzhou Railway Station metro stop, line 2/5.
The multi-floor shoes trading center is jam-packed with all kinds of footwear. The under ground floor specializes in shoes for kids, while the 1st to the 3rd floors offer more comprehensive options. For those with an eye for better quality and style, you can’t miss the 4th-10th floors that house enormous showrooms and offices.
One drawback about shopping in Guangzhou for foreigners is size problem. Particularly in regards to shoes as Asians tend to have smaller feet.
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