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China Wholesale Markets
Yongfu Automobile Parts Town
There are 30 auto parts markets or so in Guangzhou, some as shown below:
Auto Decoration & Auto Accessories Market:
they are Yongfu Internation, Liyuan Square, Longfu Auto Parts Centre, Yiyun Automobile
Appliance Plaza, Fuyi Auto Articles Mall, Yaotai Auto Appliance Mall, etc.
Car Accessories Market:
these markets are Hengfu Road Auto Parts Street, Guangyuan East Road Street, Zhiyou
Auto Parts Mall, Golden Yongfu Auto Part Mall, Zhanlong Auto Part Square of Guangyuan
Road, Wanli Auto Part Plaza, Baizhuang Internation Auto Part Mall, Sanyuanli Auto Part
Mall, Jixiang Auto Part Mall, Wufu Auto Part Mall, etc.
Big Size Auto Accessories Market:
They could be found in Yuangang Auto Part Mall, Longdong Auto Part Mall and New
Gongcong Auto Part Trade Market, etc.
Second-hand Car Accessories Market:
Chentian Zhanlong Auto Part Market, which is the biggest used car accessories trade market.