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Zhiyou Auto City Guangyuan Guangyuan East Road 1540 at the compound, with a total area of ​​21,000 square meters, existing businesses 133, 188 pavement, a collection of spare parts of various models at home and abroad. The Auto City since July 2000 opening, and we strictly abide by the majority of businesses voluntarily, equality, fairness, and good faith, law-abiding, civilized business, service, and strive to create a good shopping environment, by the higher authorities recognition and consumers alike, in 2001, was named marketing and consumer satisfaction, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, civilized market.
As the organizer of a large market, Auto Parts City management I set up a special ancillary sectors - business, finance, engineering, security part of the clearing function, but also to the people of our time to read each of Auto Parts City tenants to develop a city wide park management system caused by the Friends of Auto Parts and civilized conventions and signed letters of responsibility for fire prevention shop, done rules to follow. As a result of the overall planning, unified management, coupled with the grant guidance level departments, business support, creating a good market order, but also bring good economic benefits, a conservative estimate of annual sales to reach 500 million yuan, and driven around the auto market, Guangzhou has become the auto parts industry to open a new center for the prosperity of the market in Guangzhou to make a certain contribution to the economy.
Address:Yuexiu District, Guangzhou Guangyuan Road East 1540