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We will help you to do the transportation according to your requirements, we will choose the best way to send your products.
Our stuff will help to check when loading container and will always let you know the goods conditions at the first time.
We can work with different shipping lines such as MSC. APL. PPL. EMC, at best rate to any port around the world. Organize shipping LCL (less container) and FCL (full container) to any port. Even if you have your designated carrier, we can still help you with all internal procedures. We provide FOB, CIF, CAF terms. Air cargo and express.


Logistics&Shipping services


China is a vast country with diverse geography, climate and culture. It is one of the most promising markets in the world and has an enormous potential for development. With such potential comes great opportunities for foreign companies seeking to establish their business in China or simply wishing to export goods from China.

General Logistics and Shipping

  • Shipping services

  • China Customs Clearance

  • International Freight Forwarding

  • Air Cargo Consolidation Service

  • SEA Cargo Consolidation Service

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is the process of importing and exporting goods. This can be done by air, sea or land. The process begins with a customs declaration, which is filled out by the importer or exporter depending on whether you are importing or exporting. Customs formalities are procedures that must be undertaken to ensure that your shipment arrives at its destination safely and intact. These procedures can take several weeks to complete and may involve additional costs such as import duties, taxes, quotas and licenses.

Some countries have limitations on what can be imported or exported in terms of types of items (weapons) or quantities (food). If you plan on shipping food items overseas it is important that you check with authorities in both countries concerned before making any declarations because some foodstuffs cannot legally cross borders due to health issues like bacteria contamination etcetera

China Sourcing Agent

  • China sourcing agent

  • Import and export

  • International transportation

  • Customs clearance

  • Logistics and shipping services

China export companies

  • China export companies

  • China is a large country with many different provinces and cities. These are some of the most important ones for exporting goods:

  • Guangdong Province (capital Guangzhou)

  • Shanghai Municipality (capital Shanghai)

  • Tianjin Municipality (capital Tianjin)

  • Zhejiang Province (capital Hangzhou)

Air Cargo Consolidation Service

Air Cargo Consolidation Service

Air Cargo Consolidation Service in China

Air Cargo Consolidation Service in Shenzhen

Air Cargo Consolidation Service in Guangzhou

Air Cargo Consolidation Service in Hong Kong

Air Cargo Consolidation Service in Shanghai

Eport, sourcing agent in China

Eport is a sourcing agent in China. We provide export services, logistics and customs clearance to our clients and their partners.

Our services are divided into three main categories:

  • Sourcing (export) agency:

This service includes finding potential suppliers and customers in China, providing support with the negotiations process from start to finish, making sure that all documents are complete before shipping and handling any other matters relating to international trade.


If you are looking for a quality logistics & shipping service, Eport is the right choice. We offer the most competitive rates and fast turnaround times. Contact us today to get a free quote!

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